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CacheMyWork is a handy utility that enables you to reboot Windows without losing your place in your work. It builds a checklist of currently open applications, and will restart the apps you've selected the next time you logon to the computer.  Cache My Work is great for occasions when you need to unexpectedly reboot, such as on "Patch Tuesday", after installing new drivers, or when Windows runs out of Desktop Heap, Handles or GDI Objects (which happens more often than I'd like - even with the fixes described here ).

If you're like me, you avoid rebooting your computer because it means you'll forget what you were working on. Every time I have to reboot because of some install/uninstall/patch, invariably I forget half of what I was working on because I don't remember all the docs and apps I have to reopen (those 5-15 minutes between "shutdown all apps" and "logged in, Windows quieted down" are huge opportunities for me to be randomized and lose my short-term memory cache).


(2011-01-15) Uploaded an alpha build of version 2.  Please download and let me know if it crashes or if you have any feedback!
(2011-01-02) Can't predict when the next release will come, but it is anything but abandoned - I completely rewrote the codebase over the last year or so, to the point where I don't have a way to roll any new fixes to the old codebase, *and* I've dug myself a WPF hole that has been murder to dig my way out of. Sorry, but believe me I'm still motivated to get this sucker out at some point.  I figure those of you who keep downloading and checking in for an updated version are probably wondering if this will ever get addressed, so I wanted to address those concerns (that frankly I've had myself over the last year or so).
(2010-09-06) I'm working towards a v2.0 release based on a wholesale conversion from VB.NET to C#, WinForms to WPF, and some significant performance improvements.
(2009-11-09) CacheMyWork has been Lifehacker'd! I'd still be interested in making improvements here, so if you have something burning, drop me a note/Comment/Discussion/Issue.
(2008-03-22) Major update to the application Documentation here, explaining how the app works, and documenting some of the quirks I've had to deal with so far.
(2007-10-08) Version 1.2 installer has been uploaded - sorry about that, I really thought I'd made it available last week!
(2007-10-05) Version 1.2 is released - now with better filters, so you're only restarting apps that don't launch automatically! Get it here.
(2007-09-25) Version 1.1.1 is released - fixes the bug introduced in v1.1. It's available here


The CacheMyWork application documentation can be found here.


(1) How was this built?
  • This application is written in .NET 2.0 using VB, and is currently using only in-box classes.
(2) What are the prerequisites?
  • The .NET 2.0 CLR is required. Tested to work on Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), and users report that it works even on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
(3) There's some flaws in your application (or its source code). How can that be?
  • When it comes to professional-quality code development, the answer is "I'm still learning my way around .NET". :)
(4) What are the current Bugs in CacheMyWork? (5) What are the planned or desired Features for CacheMyWork?
  • All Features that I've thought of are documented as Features in the Issue Tracker.
  • If you'd like to see one of these Features implemented sooner rather than later, please Vote on that Feature in the Issue Tracker.
  • If you'd like to see some other Feature that I haven't documented, please add it as a new Feature to the Issue Tracker.
  • If you'd like to submit code to help speed up the process, please submit a Patch with a code sample to me and I'll do my best to integrate it as soon as possible.

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