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Project Description
Cache expensive methods calls with a declarative attribute. No custom code required. Configure caching method using unity. Options include In-process and Out-Of-Process and Off. Out-Of-Process uses Microsoft ApplicationServer.Caching.

Simple Example:

[Cache.Cacheable] //this method now cached, will only be called once per guid
public SomeExpensiveObject GetExpensiveObject(Guid userId)

Cache with invalidation:

[Cache.Cacheable("UniqueKeyForThisMethod")] //cache using this key plus parameter(s)
public SomeObject GetObjectById(Int32 Id)

[Cache.TriggerInvalidation("UniqueKeyForThisMethod")] //delete from cache using this key and passed parameter(s)
public void RemoveObjectById(Int32 Id)

How does it work:

Using postsharp to make method interceptions when a cached version exists

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Key terms:
  • c# caching
  • in memory cache
  • application caching
  • dot net cache

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