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Win Application Framework (WAF)

1. Project Description

The CAB Extension library extends the Composite UI Application Block with a Workspace for the DockPanel Suite library (VS 2005 similar user interface) and more.


2. CAB Extension library

This .NET class library extends the Composite UI Application Block (CAB). CAB is an application framework developed by the Microsoft patterns & practices team. This framework helps to write complex Windows-based applications which are built of independent components. More information about CAB can be found at: The CAB Extension library adds new workspaces and services to the application framework. One of the workspaces allows to use the DockPanel Suite library combined with the features provided by CAB. The DockPanel Suite library is an open source docking library for Windows Forms (link). It mimics the look and feel of Visual Studio 2005. Additionally, CAB Extension provides the missing UIElementActivation service for the WPF integration layer of CAB and a lot more useful functionality. Further information about this library can be found here: link

3. Test Suite reference application

The Test Suite is a Windows-based application which is used for test procedures in the field of electrical power systems. This reference application represents only a prototype implementation of the Test Suite. The focus of this prototype implementation is on the usage of the Composite UI Application Block and the CAB Extension library. The reference application shows:
  • Modular application architecture
  • Decoupling of the modules from the UI technology used by the shell
  • Document and Edit operations management
  • Demonstration on how to use the Logging Application Block of the Enterprise Library
  • UI Thread synchronization with WPF
  • and more
Further information about the Test Suite reference application can be found here: link

4. Documentation

  1. Diploma Thesis: Evaluation of Plug-In Architectures for a Test Suite: The project hosted on this page is a result of this thesis.
  2. CAB Extension library (Wiki)
  3. Test Suite reference application (Wiki)

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