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Cabbage .Net is an open source web project which can be used as a base framework for some websites such as Forum, Blog, CMS, etc.

It incorporates the latest Microsoft technologies such as MVC 4, Web API, Entity Framework 5 (Code First), as well as other latest technologies such as, Jquery, KnockoutJs, AmplifyJs, Bootstrap, etc.
Some concepts, like IoC, MVC Generic Repository and Unit of Work, Restful Service, Localization, etc, are all implemented and included in this project.
All the communication between font end and back end is through JSON. The client side gets JSON data and then binds to html through Knockout, while the backend provides restful service to response to request.

The front-end is mainly combination technologies with Jquery, Knockout, and Bootstrap. I also design a JavaScript library, chesapeakbay.js, which can provides the below functions:
Support auto create and update object from JSON data.
Support server notification event publisher
Support client validation
Support basic CRUD operation for Ajax call to server
Support Editable
Support SelectList, PageList, etc.

The back-end uses MVC, Asp.Net Web Api and Entity Framework 5 (Code First).
A collection of base classes are designed, so that they can provide the below functions:
Base Crud Service, any service inherits it can implement auto CRUD operation.
Base Cache Service, any service inherits it can implement auto cache functionality.
Base Driver, any driver inherits it can implement communication between client model and view model.
Base Client Model, any model inherits it can map to JavaScript object automatically.
User authentication, permission management, etc.

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