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This project was created to demonstrate the power and ease of creating fun, cool applications with Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions. The P2P controls are composed of both WinForm and WPF controls that you can use to create different types of P2P enabled applications. You can develop P2P applications like chat, streaming audio and streaming video applications with no lines of code.

C4F Vista P2P Toolkit


Downloading the toolkit, you'll gain access to not only the controls, but also the source code for the controls in both Visual Basic 2008 Express Editionand Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. Additionally, there is detail documentation for showing how easy it is to create peer-to-peer applications and sample applications. To further the experience, the C4F Vista P2P Toolkit integrates nicely into the C4F Dashboard. The C4F Dashboard can be find in the C4F Developer Kit which offers 20+ components and controls for Windows including Bluetooth, Speech and Web services all exposed in simple to use drag 'n drop controls. Finally, get started developing applications using your Facebook account with the Facebook Developer Toolkit.

C4F Dashboard


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