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Unofficial API to access data from public libraries that use Horizon Information Portal. Parses XML into object model. Includes tray application to search and keep on top of books checked out. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)


Are you the type that forgets to return books on time? Wish you could just keep an open tab at the local library? I know that I do! Instead of waiting for that email notice that arrives a week after the fact, this code can help you keep on top of what's checked out, and what's due.
(from the first article)

In my last article, I discussed a reusable library for communicating with Horizon Information Portal libraries. In this column, find out how to use that library to create an application to run in your system tray to keep on top of your library books and other materials. No more excuses for overdue fines!
(from the second article)

This project creates an API for working with libraries that use the Horizon Information Portal system by SirsiDynix. This system is used by thousands of libraries around the world. Look for the "Powered by SirsiDynix" logo at the bottom of the library's search page if you want to see if yours is one of them.

Code originally published in 2007 on MSDN Coding 4 Fun

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