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Archimedes will be a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program developed side by side with architecture offices in order to fulfill all their needs. This way, we hope to develop software better suited for architects than the currently widely used AutoCAD.

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It has been quite some time since I don't update this website but I've just released 0.58.0.
This version counts a lot of improvement since 0.52.0. More info can be found at: and files can be downloaded from

After almost one month working, we've released the new version 0.52.0. This contains several updates but does not brings Archimedes back to its previous state yet. But there a few new features. Check the release notes to have more information.

I've release for the last time another version of 0.50.x. This one seams to be fine but I thought that about the previous ones too. Please report any problem and I'll produce the fixes so that the next version is better than this one.

I've released the OpenGL plugins for all three platforms so that people who had troubles after creating a new drawing, do not have to download another full installer. Just download the corresponding plugin to your platform (if you don't know what is your platform, just download all three plugins) and put them in the 'plugins' folder that is in the Archimedes' install directory.

Launching version 0.50.1.
Learned yesterday that there were a lot of problems with the 0.50.0 installers and zips so I had to rebuild the whole stuff and added a bug fix for Windows as well as what we developed for the next release. This is mainly critical for linux users. Windows and Mac users should not have had so many problems.

Version 0.50.0 launched.
It took us almost 6 months and we are not delivering new features but only reimplemented ones. This version is the new architecture of the softwaret that should improve both user experience and developer work. More details can be found on the release mailing list ([email protected]) and on the sourceforge news (

Version 0.17.1 launched.
A long release but with few features.
With the end of the semester, the developers team is very busy with their graduation.
It should be better in december.

Just launched the 0.17.0 version.
Nothing very new in it except for the very powerfull trim for closed element.
It is now much easier to draw a room now and other things whose form is almost polygonal.
Besides that, some behaviour modifications and only one tiny correction on image exporting.
Otherwise, nice features are being implemented but are not yet available. They should only be ready next week.

With 0.16.0, Archimedes comes closer to something that can be called 1.0.
With several corrections and auto save to avoid work loss, this version is a more stable work environment and allows further adjustments after exporting to svg.
Another news is the italian translation done by Davide Presenti, a user.

The next version should bring cotas, fillet with arcs and splines as main news. Besides, several little adjustments or changes and a few corrections.
Please report bugs or/and post feature requests.

Version 0.14.1 was lauched last week (forgot the update the front page). It brings an up to date user manual and a couple serious bug fixes.
With it was launched 0.15.0 bringing some nice features and another minor bug corrections.
Today we're launching 0.15.1 whose main feature is the workspace properties persistence. With it, when Archimedes opens it does just the same way it was before you close it. This works also when a crash occurs which avoid people from loosing their work when finding a new bug (please report those).

Here follows the call to download version 0.14.0:

The first great thing about this release is the new commands.
They bring a lot of new functionality, so some things have become possible, and others have become easier.

The next great thing is the new icons.
The new user finds his way a lot faster now.
The downside for new users is that the User Manual is entirely and shamefully out-dated.
We should release another stable version, hopefully until next week, with up-to-date documentation.

It is worth trying.

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