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Project Description
This is a sample dotnetnuke module which demonstrates a method for adding ajax functionality.

If you want to download and play around with the project you should do the following:

  1. Download source code to the following path: [dotnetnuke Install folder ]\DesktopModules\AjaxWebLinks
  2. Install the msbuild community tasks from here
  3. Use the manual installation method
    1. Login as host and run the database script
    2. Still as host add module from control
  4. Include module in a page/tab!!

As I get time I will continue working on making the example as complete as possible. I welcome any suggestions for improving this. Thanks!

If you just want to see the module in action you can download the module package and install it on your dotnetnuke installation. Ajax Weblinks v0.1 Install is for dotnentuke versions prior to the new services framework. AjaxWebLinks v0.2 Install  is for dotnetnuke versions which support the new services framework. There source code contains a corresponding branch for each of these.

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