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What is A2Command?

A2Command if a file manager that is very similar to Norton Commander and follows many of the same principles.


A2Command is based on the CBM-Command project.  It includes most of the same features:

  • Dual Panel Operation
  • Text File Viewing
  • Copy single files and batches of files
  • Delete single files and batches of files
  • Rename files
  • Create, delete and navigate directories
  • Write Disk Images to Physical Disks
  • Write Physical Disks to Disk Images
  • Copy Physical Disk to Physical Disk


  • Apple //e with a 65c02 processor, 80-columns and a mouse card. 
  • Apple //c, //c+
  • Apple IIgs, ROM01 or ROM03
  • Clones that match the //e specifications


A2Command has just entered Version 1.0 Release Candidate 1.  Please download it from the link on the right.  Please report any bugs here or by emailing plbyrd at gmail dot com.

Development tools

A2Command has been developed with the following tools:

  • cc65 link  -- C and Assembler compilers with linker, for building 6502-based binaries.
  • GNU Make link  -- Makefile processor which builds the sources, using CC65.
  • Visual Studio 2010 link  -- I suggest downloading the ISO with all of the express editions; but specifically, you need the C++ edition.
  • AppleWin link  -- The best Apple II emulator available.
  • CodePlex link  -- Project management and source control.


I'm looking for folks who want to adopt portions of the code, and help to make it better. If you are familiar with C and/or Assembly, or just want to get familiar with them (I had practically zero Assembly knowledge when I started this project), then contact me; and, we'll see if I can find something for you to do. :-)



A2Command – Selecting initial path on startup.


A2Command – Two panels loaded


A2Command – Copying Batch of Files


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