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8pen Demo

The 8pen is an innovative method to type fastly in handheld touch-screen devices, using simple gestures. It is introduced in Android smart phones. If you don't have access to an Android smart phone, you can learn how to use 8pen using this Silverlight app.

To start, click on the black circle and drag over the four sectors divided by colored lines.

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This application is created just for educational purposes and to enable users learn how to use 8pen. The original technology ( is copyrighted and much more advanced. See the official video about 8pen here:

Source Code

People interested in Silverlight programming can download and study the source-code of this demo application. See the original article here:

  • R6
    • Mouse-click is changed as touch now, i.e. mouse-cursor is changed as hand-image.
    • Bug: sector-highlight animation starts again before previous animation of same-sector ends (this bug is rectified).
    • Bug: Gesture lines are not cleared when each time a character is typed (this bug is rectified).
  • R5
    • Special characters are implemented in numeric keypad.
  • R4
    • Numeric keypad is done.
    • Backspace, shift and enter (new-line) keys are done.
  • R3
    • Reversing the direction of characters while doing gestures is done.
    • Bug: Gesture trace-lines are shown without clicking the reference circle (this bug is rectified).
    • Bug: If the gesture is started from same sector in which previous gesture ended, then first sector is ignored (this bug is rectified).
  • R2
    • Change: MVVM is used in the source code.
    • New: Option to visualize gesture trace-lines.
    • New: Option to highlight a sector on hover.

Note: library is used in creating this demo.

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