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Project Description
Windows Embedded Compact BSP, SDK and developer resources for 86Duino platform.
This project is put together to provide Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSP, SDK and related resources to support the 86Duino platform.

It's within this Codeplex project's objective to provide the following:
- BSP & SDK for Windows Embedded Compact 2013
- BSP & SDK for Windows Embedded Compact 7
- BSP & SDK for Windows Embedded CE 6.0
- Software components that help simplify Windows Embedded Compact development.

BSP files in the source-code section is incomplete, use the BSP in the download section.

About 86Duino
86Duino is a low-cost (less than $50) Arduino compatible platform, built with the Vortex86EX SoC based on x86 processor architecture. It's shipped with Arduino emulation out of the box that function like an Arduino board. Along with a modified Arduino IDE, the 86Duino platform's native development environment is identical to the Arduino. Actually, the 86Duino IDE can be used to develop Sketch (codes) for the Arduino boards.

In addition to emulating the Arduino environment, 86Duino platform, built on an x86 processor architecture, is able to support much of the PC desktop OS, including DOS, Linux, Windows XP and for this Codeplex project's interest, Windows Embedded Compact, including the latest release Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Compact 2013).

About Windows Embedded Compact
Formerly known as "Windows CE", the Windows Embedded Compact family of OS is developed from the ground up to be a small footprint, preemptive and highly componentized embedded OS with hard Real-time capability. The OS image development tools for Compact 2013, Platform Builder, is a plugin to the Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 IDE, with wizard, remote tools and other resources to simplify the process to develop a customized OS runtime image for embedded board and system built on broad range of ARM and x86 processors.

To support application development for Compact 2013 platforms, a plugin to the Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 IDE, Application Builder for Compact 2013. Along with the SDK for the hardware platform, Compact 2013 enables application development for embedded devices in C++, C# and Visual Basic, and provides a developer friendly environment that enable you to deploy application code from the Visual Studio IDE directly onto the target device with the facility to debug the code running on the device from the Visual Studio IDE, able to set break points and step through the code, one line at a time, as the code executes on a real device.

For more Information about Compact 2013, visit the following URL:

URL to download Application Builder for Compact 2013:

URL to download Platform Builder for Compact 2013 and request activation key:

Where to get help
The is an active community with Windows Embedded gurus from around the Globe where you can get help.

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