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A framework to help C++ programmers to code faster more robust and stable code.

The scope of this project is to provide a modern framework that simplifies common tasks like error handling and logging, ISAM/relational data access and storage, heterogeneous programming, web services development and memory management. It was carefully engineered to provide high performance, low memory footprint, verbosity in error report, a simple interface compliant to the new C++11 standard and portability to several platforms: POSIX, Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/Phone 8.1/10/10M.

The provided features are:
  • A fully capable and flexible garbage collector that performs fast memory reclaim
  • A solid error and exception handling structure with stack tracing and logging (used by all the framework modules)
  • Use of POCO foundation logging capabilities, which feature asynchronous log recording
  • An OOP+RAII model for manipulation of relational data built on top of the latest stable releases of SQLite (the most widely deployed SQL embedded database engine in the world), with support for transactions, concurrent access and robust error handling
  • An OOP+RAII model for simplified heterogeneous programming that makes OpenCL v1.2 more practical and robust to employ
  • A module for ISAM data access backed by Microsoft ESE, but wrapped with real OOP+RAII design, which allows a much easier way to define, search and intersect multiple indexes
  • A module for SOAP web services containing helpers & wrappers around Microsoft WWS API, which enables quick development of native web services hosts and clients, including support for SSL transport security
  • A module for RPC containing helpers & wrappers around the DCE based Microsoft RPC API, which enables quick development of RPC servers and clients, including support for SSL transport security, Windows authentication and Schannel

Previously, this project used to adopt a component-like approach based on DLL's deployed by installation. The whole thing was restructured, and now what you get is the source code to use as you please. That original branch for version 1 was aborted, so now the project skips to version 2.

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