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3D Quran could produce a design for a space-travel machine (La tenfithoon illa biSultaan)

Software Requirements

An interactive (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) 3D network graph representing the internal structure of a book is required where:

x-axis = chapter number. Range = 1 to 114

y-axis = verses per chapter. Range = 3 to 286

z-axis = words per verse. Range = 1 to 128.
Word length = 1 to 11 letters.
There are 29 unique letters.

Each NODE (x,y,z) represents a Word and must be a 3D sphere with 1 to 11 pixels diameter depending on the number of letters in its Word.

Each LINK (x1,y1,z1 to x2,y2,z2) must have 1 to 11 parallel LINE depending on the number of letters per Word it is connecting.

Each LINE must have 1 of 29 colours representing the the letter within its LINK's Word.

There are many exact repeated words, verses, and sets of verses throughout the book. The software must search the entire text and automatically construct a 3D network connecting longest repeated patterns first then by nearest distance when multiple repetitions have the same width.

There are 29 colours. Letter values can be dynamically calculated using Primalogy or other letter-value systems.

The book has 77878 words with 14637 unique words.

The longest repeated verse-span has a word-span of 26 words in 4 consecutive verses found in chapter 23 and 70.

The most repeated verse has a span of 4 words and is repeated 31 times in very close proximity within chapter 55 The Merciful.

Words may be repeated multiple times but we only need to connect the longest spans skipping over nearer repetitions. Span length takes precedence over distance.

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