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Project Description
A starting point for building 3D editing applications, such as video game world editors, particle system editors, and so on.

Aimed at tools and graphics programmers in the video game industry who don't want to re-invent the wheel.

C#, .Net 2.0, WinForms, SlimDX, PhysX.Net

Currently has a basic UI with a standard quad-viewport, basic camera controls, and some hard-coded Entity loading/creation. A lot of work is yet to be done on the UI and elsewhere - at least 90% is not-yet-implemented.

No binary downloads; click on Source Code above and either download the latest version or grab it via SVN.

Building and Running
  • Both SlimDX and PhysX must be installed in order to build and run.
  • There will be issues building the source on 32bit OS's due to some References and code (PhysX) in "Program Files (x86)"; these can be fixed by removing the " (x86)" part of the paths from the project files in a text editor (also from one of the PhysX.Net source files).
  • Currently the PhysX.Net project is configured for 64-bit; edit the build configurations in Configuration Manager to change the PhysX.Net project to Win32 if desired. Unfortunately Any CPU won't work currently due to PhysX.Net, but it may be possible in the future to fix this.

To run the app as-is, move the Data folder to C:\Temp, or change the path in code to its actual location.

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