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Project Description
365Tube is the cloud-transition of the MOSS2007 podcast kit (PKS). Using the code and instructions posted here everyone can setup a private youtube-like video library, e.g. for enterprise-2.0 - in a few hours, completely built on cloud components. It also demonstrates how application design has chanced from code-centric (in original pks) to service-centric cloud-modules, scaling from a handful of users up to 10.000s.

Why having a private E2.0 video library?
Such a library can be used for various training and communication purposes. e.g.
- CxOs explaining business strategy or quarterly results (businessTV)
- Roll-out of new SW, e.g. corp-wide Win7 rollout (change management)
- Training programs, e.g. ITIL training (training)
- Quality-Awards etc (celebration)
- best-practise sharing of any kind
Considering time, travel and media savings plus producivity increase companies usually experience high ROIs. Channels may be restricted to certain departments or open for all employees. Material may vary from instant-recording to professional HDTV.

target audience
O365 subscribers who wonder how the SP online part can be used (better) or how applications should be build on SP online
O365 propects wondering whether or not to take the SP online module - and what kind of business impacts they can expect if they do
All users looking for an up-to-date replacement of the original PKS

The first version of this PoC is a WSP file and a documentation how to set it up on Office 365. For high scalability and storage considerations Office 365 service was extended with the video transcoding service and the cloud storage Amazon S3.
This example shows how easily such a scenario can be build - and modules can be substituted by similar ones, e.g. replace transloadit/S3 by recently announced Azure Media Services.

Last but not least, we plan to create more professional packets of this solution in the near future - based on community feedback and interest

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