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Project Description
Anno 2070 Assistant is a program that is useable with the Ubisoft game Anno 2070. It shows you production chain information, building layouts, population supplies, etc.

Anno 2070 Assistant v2.0 Unleashed!

  • Population Calculator
  • Supply Calculator
  • Production Chain Display
  • Building Layouts Display
  • Housing Layouts Display
  • Production Comparison Display
  • Permanent User Configuration

System Requirements:(do not download these unless you have to)
  • .NET Framework Version 4.0
  • .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 x32/x64

How to Create a Data Release

Found something inaccurate in the data? You can edit the data yourself so you do not have to wait! It takes only a tiny bit of knowledge on XML. The data files are located in \res\data. Simply find the XML file with the error and edit the incorrect value. Feel free to share your correction with the community by posting a Data Release!
NOTE - You cannot upload your Data Release to the Official Anno 2070 Assistant project, how you share your data release is up to you.

Open Source Assistant Re-Development

With the release of Anno 2070 Assistant v2.0, I have released the Source files for would be developers. Feel free to download the source and modify the program to your liking, creating a release should you choose. The only requirements here are that I still be given credit for development of the application original in addition to you, and that you abide by the CDDL open source license attached to the project. If you want your release hosted on the Official Anno 2070 Assistant project sourceforge page, drop me a line with what you have done and the source so I can take a look. If I approve I will upload the (Source) & Release-Only formats for you.

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